"We live in the city. The city lives in us. Time passes. We move. We change languages. We change habits. We change opinions. We change clothes. We change everything. Everything changes and fast. Images above all, change faster.  Everything is copy. The idea of identity found itself in such a feeble state. What is Identity?  To know who you are? The accord between the image we created of ourselves and  ourselves? Just who is that “ourselves”?"

Notebook on Cities and Clothes, Wim Wenders



Forged out of a desire to use fashion to start a conversation about beauty, society and sustainability, _untitled is a gender neutral brand of accessories that aims to unstitch all labels to encourage self expression.

_untitled_ gives a modern twist to the handmade in Italy using surplus stocks and oddments, made by the extreme overconsumption of today’s fashion industry, to make luxury modular products that empower the modern urbanite to move and live freely, staying everyday organized whilst never compromising on refined unique style. 

_untitled_‘s products are not only made for aesthetic and practical reasons, but they are also designed to prove that fashion can help to represent, to reflect. Therefore, _untitleduses imperfections, scars, mirrors and reflective surfaces in its products to remind people to look more into their own images to be confident, independent and focus on themselves while continuing to seek for their identity.  But ... what is identity?