"We live in the city. The city lives in us. Time passes. We move. We change languages. We change habits. We change opinions. We change clothes. We change everything. Everything changes and fast. Images above all, change faster.  Everything is copy. The idea of identity found itself in such a feeble state. What is Identity?  To know who you are? The accord between the image we created of ourselves and  ourselves? Just who is that “ourselves”?"
Notebook on Cities and Clothes, Wim Wenders



_untitledis a gender-neutral brand of accessories that aims to unstitch any kind of label and to blend functionality and aesthetics with the aim to praises the products made of utility, minimalism and high quality

_untitled_ peculiarity is the versatility of its products which is essential to create tailor-made identities, through the personal styling of each item.

_untitled_ offers limited edition capsule collections of functional and refined products to empower the modern urbanite to move and live freely, always staying organised whilst never compromising on style but it is up to you to take the risk to stand out and express your own personality giving them unique character. 

Be scarlet : be brilliant and bold.